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MailFromName -A. Gin

Comments - I watched the DVD - must say it was mezmerizing - very artistic with quality - loved seeing the solos again, all talented in your own right. Will highly recommend.  Keep it up all you young dudes!


MailFromName - Sando & John the Mon
 Comments - We just wanted to say Hi and that we enjoyed your concert at the Theater tonight.  No, we are not too old to ROCK!  It's true...Ontonagon does have TALENT.  We especially enjoyed each of your solo performances.  Your individuality and passion for your music shined through.  Your original songs were rockin'.  Great job and good luck in your future plans.


MailFromName - Simone (Schoch) Ranes
 Comments - Sam, I'm glad to hear that Blanky is still around, and NightStrike, too, for that matter.


MailFromName - Amy Goodman
 Comments - Rory is f***ing hot!  The music isn't too bad, etiher.


MailFromName - Chris Niemi
 Comments - Great website!  I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys at All School!


MailFromName - Raul Z. Duke
 Comments - The lives of so many have been impacted by so few-YOU did it. You are "on the bus"


MailFromName Holly Rebo

Comments - hey dorks!  goardo and i just read (last week) your blurb in the herald....
whoo hoo.... "nightstrike's greatest hits"?wish you guys coulda been there... we were dying.... (in a good way!)SO.....?  how did it go?  anyhow... just wanted to see what you guys were up to.  and to hearabout the big recording weekend.  give me the scoops!  and when you hit it big, let's not forget the little people, right?


MailFromName - Don Goodreau
Comments - you guys make me want to be a better man! rock on!!!


MailFromName - Skye
Comments - o wOw Sam! lol your sooo old school! but i still love you! *mwah*


MailFromName - Raul Duke
Comments - You have done it-captured a dream.  I seem to remember all of the members of the group bneing on the air @WOAS-FM. Also, the band palayed on the air too.COOL! Zenith loves it and YOU!


MailFromName - Nick, Smaby
Comments - Dude, I think you mean "victim" on the history page.  Spell check man!  Nice website!  Chasing yer youth & living a dream is always a worthwile endeavor.  Peace, out!


MailFromName - Raul Z. Duke
Comments - Hasppy New Yaer aaand a Productive recording session. See you Sunday. Keep the dream alive.


MailFromName - Ken Raisanen
Comments - Yes - we remember!  Any music on tape or CD we can put on good old WOAS-FM?  Nice looking Ludwig set, Sam!  ker


MailFromName - Raul Z. Duke
Comment - Looking Great! It is a nice tribute to Coach Bob-he impacted so many lives. Good luck in the studio.


MailFromName - scott frazer
Comments - i saw the article in the herald,just thought i would say hello and good luck


MailFromName - Nicole (Weisinger)Miller
Comments - Oh How exciting for y'all. I was reading the Ontonagon Herald on line...Good Luck with the recording. Nicole


MailFromName - Kip
Comments - Hey, I wanna know when I can get some Nightstrike apparel. Thanks, KIP


MailFromName - maggie
Comments - HEY!!  Are you going to play at the all class???


MailFromName - Dan  Goodreau
Comments -  Good luck guys.  Never forget the mullets!!!!


MailFromName - Lou Moseler
Comments - Great to see you guys together again. Good luck! Have fun!  L


MailFromName - Jaime Allaire
Comments - Hello!  I would like to know when & where your upcoming live shows are.


MailFromName - jill corey
Comments - Seriously can't believe you all are back together.  Just like high school huh?  Tell Jer I say hi!!


MailFromName - Jenn Raymond
Comments - Congratulations guys! Go for it and live out your dreams! It's good to see some home town  boys reaching for the stars! Best of luck - and we'll be cheering you on!


MailFromName - dork
Comments - what activities have you retards done in the last dozen years you've been sitting around?


MailFromName - Lisa Bledsoe (Landree)
Comments - I was very surprised to see all of you in the paper.  I love all of the old photos.  Good luck to you all!!!


MailFromName - Josh Razmus
Comments - Where can I pick up your past albums?

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