Friday        March 13       Greenland, MI      Pit Stop                            9:30 PM EST

Saturday   March 14       Alvin, WI               Brule River Tap               9:30 PM CST


Friday        January 18   Bessemer, MI       Big Powderhorn Mtn.     9:30 PM CST       

Saturday   January 19   Bessemer, MI       Big Powderhron Mtn.     9:30 PM CST

      (DVD Release Party)

Friday        March 28       Marquette, MI      The Matrixx                     9:30 PM EST


Saturday   August 2nd   Ontonagon, MI     Roxey's                           10:00 PM EST


Saturday   August 9th    Sands Twsp, MI   Marquette County Fair  9:00 PM EST

     (w/ special guests:  Sore on Sunday)


Sunday    August 31st    Ontonagon, MI     Stubb's                            10:30 PM EST


 *all dates subject to change, confirm by contacting the venue ahead of time 



ONE HIT TOUR 2006/07:

            (CD Release Party)

Friday        Feb. 16th    Marquette, MI         Shamrock                   9:30 PM EST


Friday        June 22nd   Ontonagon, MI       Stubb's                        9:30 PM EST       

Saturday   June 23rd    Marquette, MI        Holiday Inn                 9:00 PM EST


Friday        July 6th       Baraga, MI               Ojibwa Casino            9:30 PM EST

Saturday   July 7th       Baraga, MI               Ojibwa Casino            9:30 PM EST


Saturday   August 11th  Sands Twsp, MI   Marquette Cty. Fair    7:30 PM EST


Monday   Dec. 31st        Ontonagon, MI     Stubb's                          10:30 PM EST

               (w/ Special Guest Chuck Immonen)

                  (Appeared with "FeatherFest")

Friday      June 9th      Topaz, MI                  TailFeathers                 8:00PM EST

Saturday June 10th    Topaz, MI                  TailFeathers                 6:00PM EST  


Thursday July 6th       Marquette, MI          Upfront & Co.               10:30 PM EST  

Friday July 7th            Ontonagon, MI         Stubb's                          10:00 PM EST


                    (Appeared with "International SeaFood Fest")

Friday August 25th     Marquette, MI          Lower Harbor              8:00 PM EST   


Saturday Sept. 9th     Ontonagon, MI          Theater of                   7:30 PM EST  

                                                                            Perfroming Arts


Sunday Dec. 31st        Ontonagon, MI          Stubb's                       10:30 PM EST


ightStrike set out from day one with a vision to do it differently!  The group never wanted to play tired cover songs to bored patrons of smokey taverns (because they were all too young to frequent such establishments.  Until the reunion, all the band's recordings and live performances occurred before any of the members were 21 - they couldn't get into the bars!). NightStrike set out to give their fans an original show they would never forget. Good or Bad, people walk away from a NightStrike show knowing the band gave everything they had to give.


     The group made it's live debut to nearly a thousand screaming teenagers on February 25th, 1989 at the U.P. Winter Olympics in Ontonagon, Michigan, one year to the day of their founding.  NightStrike is best remembered for having a huge stage production, than a great musical performance that night.  

     The show would prove to be one of the last with the original lineup, as Jeff Rule departed in September of 1989.  He was replaced with longtime band friend and bass virtuoso Jeremy Dishaw in October of that year.  The band tightened up and continued to play out selectively for the next two years, focusing on the music rather than the stage show.


  This phase of the band for nearly two years, ultimately culminating with the final live performance in South Range, Michigan on June 24th 1991.  With change at hand, the venerable NightStrike lineup set about capturing the magic of their live shows on tape. 


...CHAPTER Three:


     On August 28th 2004, the stars lined up for an historic reunion of NightStrike's venerable lineup!  Jeremy Dishaw, Kevin Johnson, Rory Fiszer and Sam Bennett all ended up at the legendary Stubb's Bar in Ontonagon at the same time to check out local favorites (and NightStrike influences) Mother Ruckus.  The four members had not been in the same room, let alone played together, since that last show in 1991.  After 13 years apart, the chemistry was still there.  Mother Ruckus graciously allowed NightStrike to use their gear (during their fourth and final set of the evening!  Thanx Steve & Chuck!) for the impromptu set.  The band launched into an unrehearsed set of favorites.  The crowd was electric through the first moments of Poison's "Talk Dirty to Me" to the closing jam on a wild rendition of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World". 












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