Q:     When is the next album coming out?

     A:     It's out!  Principal Production began on March 11th, 2005 and was completed June 8th of 2006. Mixing and Mastering the album took approximately six months. The CD, "One Hit to the Heart" was released to NightStike Nation members in December 2006.   It was officially released to the public on February 16th, 2007.  The group released the concert companion DVD, to their successful One Hit TOUR 06/07, "Coming Home Alive" on March 28th 2008.


     Q:     Is  the album's material new songs or a collection of 

                        earlier works?

     A:     The reason the band decided to go back and re-work some of their previous recordings was simple. Bassist Jeremy Dishaw and Lead Guitarist Kevin Johnson were not on all of the earlier tracks. The band felt the chemistry among the members was now better than ever, but most importantly, their playing was the best it had ever been! The band recorded forty one songs. Of which, thirty are earlier releases, and eleven have not appeared on any previous NightStrike project.


     Q:     Will the original three NightStrike releases be made

                                 available to the public again ?

     A:     There have been discussions abut re-releasing the band's earlier works becasue all four members now appear on all the songs.  They have put to tape nearly two thirds of their recorded  catalog.  In November 2006, the band began trying to re-work and salvage the remainder of the tunes from their first three recordings.  Never say never!


     Q:      Why has NightStrike gotten back in the saddle now?    

     A:    In a word, fate! None of the members ever stopped playing.  It was obviously a passion all four shared.  Jeremy, Sam and Rory had jammed together in pairs since May of 2000. So, when the four members of the band's venerable lineup found themselves in the same room together for the first time in many years with an eagerness to play...it was nothing short of a sign from above! Not wanting to squander the incredible good fortune, the band is taking it one day at a time, and savoring every moment!  None of the band members could have possibly imagined things going as well as they have.  Every new experience is appreciated. 


        Q:           When/where will NightStrike perform next?

     A:           The band played their first scheduled live performance on June 14th, 2005 at Feather Fest. Due to scheduling conflicts and recording an album, the band did not play out again until June 9th, 2006 at FeatherFest 2006.  In fact the moment they took the stage that day was the first time all four members had even played live since their previous performance, at the previous year's FeatherFest!  (living 5oo miles apart makes rehearsals difficult!)  However the band followed that appearance with their successful "One Hit TOUR 06/07" and have scheduled more to support their newest release...STAY TUNED!                      



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